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How To Use Social Media To Gain Exposure For Your Business

Social media is one of the most beneficial tools for businesses today. However, it can be a wild jungle if you don’t know how to use it to its maximum potential.

For some, navigating the social media platforms is as easy as A, B, C, D. But for others, social media is an incomprehensible phenomenon only understood by the youth.

In this ever-changing world, entrepreneurs have to adapt swiftly to things that will benefit their business positively. So, if you’re one of those entrepreneurs that find social media a little daunting, this is for you.

Small business – stick to one social media platform

As a small business owner, you might reason that the more exposure you have on ALL social media platforms, the better for you. For some businesses, this might be true. But many small businesses are on a tight budget.

With such restrictions, entrepreneurs must think carefully about where they’re willing to spend their resources that’ll bring them more significant benefits. You might drown in a flood of managing social media posts and questions. This will take away precious time and energy that can be redirected towards building up the business.

It’s recommendable to start by finding out which platform many of your customers and potential clients use. After identifying the platform, reach out to them and have a well thought out plan on how to engage them. It allows you to put most of your energy on one platform that’ll have maximum reach.

Show your authentic self to your customers and potential customers

You need to be real to your customers and prospective clients. This can be done by using your social media platform to post things that are close to your heart. Doing so, coupled with posts that touch on your business, will draw those reading them closer to you. Posting updates on things such as how you prepared a delicious meal for your family, or on your trip to an exotic getaway can be an exciting addition to your business social media platform.

You should keep the posts interesting, engaging, and genuine. One other thing is that you shouldn’t bombard your followers with updates every hour you’re awake. A fast consuming culture also tires quickly. People might like your hourly updates, but they’ll get annoyed with the frequent posts that might lead to losing some followers or muting your posts.

Make your readers feel like they are getting the inside scoop

One way to gain followers easily is offering tips that make people feel like they’re in the game. So many industries out there always appear like some sort of a secret society. Any chance a follower gets that makes him or her feel like they’re part of a community of their interest, they’ll grab it and tell anyone who would care to listen.

If you’ve the knowledge and ability, post updates on your industry and helpful tips that’ll have many flocking to your social media platform. It’ll give you an upper hand over your competition. Your posts will be hailed as problem-solving, and with many shares and reposts, your ranking on the search engine rises. Answer questions, solve problems, and give helpful tips.

Use videos

If you want to be among the top-ranking search results, use videos on your social media platform. They doesn’t have to be long videos; keep them short and precise. The videos can be about your business, about something that you find interesting or, better yet, videos of your thrilled customers thanking you for your service or product.

Keep your eyes on who engages with your posts

You should have a way of knowing when your active clients have posted on your platform. Set up alerts so that you can read their comments, updates, and questions on time. You’ll keep a close eye on what they’re talking about, and hence allowing you to act faster when it comes to offering a service or a product. It will also help you build strong relationships with them. As you slowly grow, you will be “seen” in your respective field of business, which will raise the interest of major players in that industry.

Use your platform to generate leads

For a business to acquire clients, it must have contact details that’ll benefit the business. The contact details or leads, give the business a leeway to ample and regular communication. You can grow your leads list by using various methods provided on platforms such as Facebook, which has the opt-in strategy.

If you’ve not yet jumped on the bandwagon of social media, it’s not late. Some people are skeptical and overwhelmed by these useful tools, but there are many tutorials for training on how to manage them. If you don’t want to deal with all intricacies, you can hire someone, and it will be worth your money.

Image by Mohamed Hassan via Pixabay

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